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in prison. >>> it has been one year since super storm sandy barreled through maryland and up the east coast, causing billions of dollars in damage and killing dozens of people along the way. as marlie hall reports for wjz, the effects of sandy are still being felt, every day. >> it's sand. but i see something. >> reporter: it's been a long haul for marie lopresty. a year after she lost her husband, she lost her home, when super storm sandy slammed into breezy point, new york. >> i have a lot of memories from my husband that i wanted to keep. they're all gone. >> reporter: sandy delivered a direct blow to new york city and the jersey shore, destroying communities, flooding the new york transit system, and tossing a roller coaster into the ocean. all 2800 home negligence breezy point suffered some damage. about half of those families are still not back in. richard resner considers himself lucky. he was flooded out, but his ocean front home is still standing. >> there's not a day you don't talk about it, think about it, a lot of sleepless nights. >> he spent $150,000, fixing his gutted house.
. >>> it's been one year since super storm sandy battered the northeast. and still communities are trying to pick up the pieces. the damage up the east coast was catastrophic. mostly in new jersey and new york. at least 140 people died. over half a million homes destroyed and 50 billion worth of damage. >>> and there was extensive damage here in maryland from sandy. we're live with complete coverage. jessica kartalija takes a closer look at the damage and recovery. and meteorologist chelsea ingram looks at the storm's impact. jessicjessica is live at fells point to begin our coverage. >> reporter: good evening, kai. good evening to everyone. we all remember it very well. and thank goodness, things look a lot differently than they did a year ago. today and tomorrow. but kai, as you mentioned, people are still strug lin to -- struggling to rebuild throughout maryland. >> reporter: the first anniversary of sandy. >> this is the highest i've seen the tide up in my lifetime. we went down here about a half hour ago. and we had to turn around. >> reporter: it hit the state with record-breaking w
hurricane sandy. >>> and a gun control campaign in the area. what one city want to do to keep kids safe. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, over the weekend. ten-year old "troy pack" ans 7-year old sister alana ---e struck by a car in danville years ago. the driver, a 45- year old nanny, had tak prescription drugs and alco she was convicted of second-degree murder... and is serving a 30-year prison term. a boardwalk damaged in hurre sandy has just re-opened to public. tomorrow will be the one-ye anniversary of the storm. t rebuilt, two-mile long boark in long beach, new york... made of sustainable hardwoo concrete and other structur sound materials. it's supposed to endure the brun >>> made of sustainable hardwood, concrete, supposed to endure the brunt of any future storms. chuck schumer on hand for ribbon cutting. >>> sixteen minutes before 5:00 on this early monday morning. look who's popped up to left. winds were the big story. national weather service never posted wind advisories yesterday morning at least, and then all of the sudden, hit by a news flash last night. >> doing weather yesterday morning.
. >>> this is the eve of the anniversary of hurricane sandy, and all eyes will be on the new york city marathon, over 40,000 will compete in the race, including those sponsored by the actor, sean penn. >>> what if the biggest problem in hollywood is not drugs or alcohol. something that plagues schools and churches throughout the area. >>> and beyond your wildest imagination, he will tell you all about it in a live prime time exclusive. we begin with the big story tonight, sean penn, a hollywood star with a passion that goes far beyond the silver screen. he is an american original, fighting to make the world a better place. he has the battle scars to prove it. he is the founder of the relief organization. looking very trim yourself, you're not running the marathon? >> no, i'm not running the marathon, i have to be there to observe properly. >> that will be very poignant. on a big scale, obviously, a first major marathon since boston. and we all know how that ended in such disaster. it is also a chance for you to bring these five haitian runners, all from very different backgrounds, to come and run. you'r
a year after storm sandy and also a flu epidemic season starting again.again >> tis the season.a chill in the air.and a new flu warning.as cases steadily climb in the u-s. the centers for disease control is urging parents to get your kids vaccinated for the flu, even if they're otherwise healthy. a new report found that nearly half of kids who died from flu complications had no other medical conditions or risk factors for complications. researchers say about 830 children died from flu- related complications between 2004 and 2012. the c-d-c says children should start getting yearly flu shots at six months old. and google's flu tracker indicates cases have been on the rise the past couple of months. their map shows people are searching for flu information at moderate levels in several southern states.from florida to new mexico. illinois, minnesota all moderate.nevada also moderate. california.and the majority of states have low flu activity. >> catherine: still ahead. chris brown id in trouble with the law - again. that he's accused of - that could mean jail time. then - penn state agree
for the first time since hurricane sandy hit exactly one year ago tomorrow. visitors can now walk the halls of the popular immigration station and american immigrant wall of honor outside. the immigration museum will remain closed through the spring. much more news after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go. more adventures await in the lexus lx, rx, and new seven-passenger gx. dare to be spontaneous. >>> between the u.s. spying revelations and the problem with the obama care website, it seems president obama may have a management problem on his hands. our chief political analyst gloria borger is here watching all of this for us. is the president on top of these critically important issues? >> it seems to me that at the very least, wolf, there is some kind of a management problem over at the white house. you have the president saying he's angry that he didn't know that the website was having problems with his signature domestic legislative achievement. he also, we're now told, didn't know about angela merkel's cell phone being tapped as well as other friendly leade
casas en staten island que quedaron destruidas por el caso de la super tormenta sandy. el programa busca convertir las zonas de riesgo en zonas verdes para que sirvan de protecciÓn a otras Áreas. el gobierno está pagando hasta el 10% mÁs del valor que tenÍa la casa antes de sandy. >> maestros, estudiantes y otros empleados regresaron a las escuelas en nevada despuÉs de que josÉ reyes, el niÑo que matÓ al profesor e hiriera a dos compaÑeros antes de suicidarse. >> mÉxico reforzÓ la seguridad en el estado de michoacÁn despuÉs de una serie de ataques durante el fin de semana que dejaron temporalmente a oscuras a cientos de miles de hogares. el secretario de energÍa dijo que las fuerzas aumentaron su presencia. >> bueno, como cada aÑo, la temporada taurina comenzÓ en perÚ y con ello, las manifestaciones que se oponen a lo que muchos consideran una prÁctica muy primitiva y otros consideran arte. >> llegaron marchando por el centro de la ciudad. los anti-taurinos parecÍan esperar esta fecha tanto como los que gustan de las corridas de toros. y la policÍa ya los esperaba. s
rampage against his own family. >> super storm sandy a year later: the new images to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at coveredca.com. >> covering san rafael, pleasanton and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 6:13. this is traffic at san rafael on 101 moving pretty well. the winds have really died down from how they were howling overnight. mike? >> tomorrow is the first anniversary of super storm sandy and the landfall on the eastern seaboard that devastated new york and new jersey. a year later, recovery is well underway. pictures show communities in the storm zone before and after. you can see the strong come back a year later. sandy is the nation's second most expensive weather disaster causing $65 billion in damage. the storm also left 182 people dead. >> also, a 25-year-old man is fading five couldn'ts -- counts of murder. he stabbed his cousin's wife and his four children in brooklyn. he was living with the cousin's fa
a sophisticated assault from the get-go. bill: also, it has been almost a-year since superstorm sandy slammed the northeast. the recovery efforts one year later, how is it going? a iconic american landmark reopening for the first time since that storm. the day we rescued riley, was a truly amazing day. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today at angieslist.com if you have business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reality. start your business today with legalzoom. martha: hard to believe, nearly one year ago, that superstorm sandy rocked the northeast, affected millions of americans as it barreled onshore. today, so many people along the coast are still recovering. they're working to rebuild their homes and their communities, but while some progress has been made there's still a lot, a lot, trust me, that needs to be done. watch this. >
doubtlessly housing market and these numbers that came out this morning. dagen: super storm sandy, it was one year ago today that it hit. there are still so many people trying to rebuild, still hurting from that devastating storm. dagen: twitter, is twitter a buy when it goes public? cheryl and dennis will have the next hour on "markets now." we have more in just a moment. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align. >> i am lori rothman with your fox business brief. federal reserve says production in september up from the august increase of four temps. the largest gain since february. meanwhile, ansi networks acquiring shallow media over a billion dollars. amc shows including "breaking bad," "the walking dead." global executives expect more deals ahead. the latest survey found 35% say they're likely to pursue acquisitions compared to 25% last year. 65% of execs expect the global economy to improve next year up from just 25% a year ago. that
being made in new york one year after sandy, right? >> it would be the first state to do this. you have heard of these big vats and vessels full of oil in the gulf region that america's strategic petroleum reserve. this would be the first state, new york, having a gasoline reserve on long island, about a $10 million pilot program to make sure what happened last year doesn't happen again. four days after sandy as you well know, poppy, 60% to 65% of the gas stations were not working. they were either not working because they didn't have generators that could pump the gas or they literally did not have the gas. there's already been one pilot program to make sure you're getting generators to some of these smaller gas stations. this is the next step to make sure there are supplies available. andrew cuomo wants to do this, $10 million on the front end. no state has done something like this before, but when you think about new york and where it's situated and how this happened a year ago in recent memory, a stronger storm or a storm of a different path could do the same thing all over again, t
conrad murray out of jail. >>> reopening day on new york's ellis island a year after super storm sandy -- >>> the big typo that took the field during yesterday's game. >>> high-def doppler showing light rain falling over the santa cruz mountains. for more on this, plus halloween forecast coming up. >>> looking at big-time delays for busy vas key road in the livermore area. a three-car accident got traffic at a standstill. have details on this, give you a complete look kcbs traffic still ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. set your soul free. and some days it seems true. goes unpunished. but we keep on doing the things that matter& like buying new raspberry 5 hour energy. from now to the end of the year, a portion of each sale... benefits living beyond breast cancer, to empower women affected by breast cancer. new raspberry 5 hour energy. it's one good deed that will go just right. good ev
need to know coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. >> plus looking back at superstorm sandy one year later. >>> a d.c. football legend used an ugly word on the radio today, one that many folks, especially those in the gay community may find offensive. dexter manly is a former redskin as well as a contributor to game on here on wusa9. here's what he said this morning speaking to wtop radio anchors. >> was it a big jinx that troy aikman was doing the game, a former cowboy? >> i think troy is a year. >> oh oh. we couldn't want to go there. >> sorry about that. >> you want to apologize to him? >> no. i'll just say i take that back. >> we don't want to go there either, but we got to. dexter manning joins us now with his wife lydia and darrell green, a former game on panelist. dexter, what when were doing there? >> i've had two brain surgeries in seven years and sometimes i may say things that's inappropriate and i do lay poll jays, but i couldn't tell you what -- deeply apologize, but i couldn't tell you what happened. i just kind of talk to much. >> so it was a mouth in gear bef
. >>> and tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of hurricane sandy hitting the east coast. i'll be along jersey shore and we're asking folks to send in their pictures from a year ago to now, #sandy one year. we'll display them for you. first your local news and weather. ♪ music ♪ music it's so much more than coffee. brew the love. keurig. therryobi is number one.ons we have over fifty products that work off one 18 volt battery. plus, ryobi offers more value and selection than anyone. and now, there's new lithium and lithium plus, our most powerful and longest lasting batteries ever. so you can knock out that to-do list, all before kick off. ryobi one plus. the one system that delivers more. available at only one place, the home depot. now, pick up a special buy lithium-ion drill kit for just $79. and then a 3:15 with my guilt. [ female announcer ] special k cracker chips. 27 crispy chips. 110 delicious calories. same time tomorrow? [ female announcer ] find them in the cracker aisle. ♪ smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with tim
storm hurricane sandy on the eastern seaboard. look how big this cloud shield was when it made landfall on the coast of jersey. i want to show you now and then images. then the horrible fire there. not a lot of progress there unfortunately. >>> this is the battery park tunnel underpass. it was filled to the top with ocean water at the high tide. the after behind it and clean up. weather channel.com has 150 of these. some areas cleaned up, others not so much. >> i was in the underpass to see it. >>> saturday night live found a way to incorporate one of the biggest movies and one of the year's strangest moments. take a listening. >> this is my song. i'm going to start a dance party. >> do not let white people see you dance. once they see you dance, they'll try and dance like you. >> miley cyrus announcing she will be going on tour in 2014 to perform her new ale bum bangers. we got your cyrus news in. >>> contracts to olivia wild and jacobs announcing their first child. >>> the country music hall of fame, bad grand paw knocked bad graty out of the top spot. gravity second with $20 million
, this week marks the first anniversary of superstorm sandy. one of the nation's worst natural disaster. this morning historic ellis island will reopen for the first time since that big storm slammed into new york harbor. superstorm sandy ravaged the island, left it without power for several months. the clean up work is far from over despite the reopening today. ellis island is best known as you know for ushering millions of immigrants into the united states over the years. now, a lot oaf us also remember this, remember this, the scene of superstorm sandy, slamming into the famous jersey shore, a year ago. the governor of new jersey admits there have been a lot of major delays getting help to the victims of sandy. the governor chris christie maintains his administration is not to blame. he says it took congress three months to finally approve the 51 billion-dollar relief package for those sandy victims. >>> also happening today, back here at home, governor brown is scheduled to announce an agreement between western states and brit british columbia to fight climate change. the agreement
to open its doors, more than a year after being damaged by hurricane sandy. >> one in danville family is remembering and their two children, 10 years after a tragic accident. coming up after the break, we will show you how to parents are keeping their kids memories alive. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i ♪ know i can't deny... ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ deep inside... ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. >> it has been 10 years since bob and caromomon pack lost their two kids to a drunk driver. 10 year-old troy and 70 year year old alana were run over by a woman under the influence of drugs and alcohol while riding their bike and scooter in danville. the driver was found guilty of second- degree murder and remains in prison. since the crash, the parents say that they have been busy lobbying against drunk driving through the tra troy and alana foundation. maligned more than 100 members of the danville community released butterflies and other balloons and honor of of the children. the packs also had a seven year old daughter wh
the superstorm sandy that hit one year ago tomorrow devastating the coastlines of new york and new jersey. today's reopening is sign of progress as the area still struggles to rebuild. rick leventhal joins us live from ellis island with this part of the story. rick, people probably didn't realize how much damage was done >> reporter: right, jenna. sandy buried all of he will is island underwater and all the mechanicals were in the basement so all the mechanicals got crashed -- trashed. that included the entire electrical system for this historic island, heating and air-conditioning, water and sewage lines an telephone lines were damaged. the ferry house was destroyed and some of the exhibits. most of the one million valuable historical items and documents and photos did survive the storm. >> fortunately the floodwaterrers did not get on to the first, second, or third floors. the artifacts and our exhibits remained intact. however because we had no heat, no air-conditioning, because we had no climate control, we had to move the artifacts they're still down in maryland. >> reporter: the first and
of superstorm sandy devastating damage in the new york and new jersey area. remember the huge lines to get gas? this was so insulting to people who were trying to get back to work and you couldn't even get gas. happy to hear for those people that new york's governor andrew cuomo is going to create a strategic gasoline reserve. the ones who had gas quickly ran out of fuel and couldn't get stuff in. like the nation has a strategic gas reserve. >> an effort that may be helpful. we will watch it. >>> coming up a statewide manhunt going on in oklahoma. hour four convicts managed to break out of a prison that was considered absolutely escape proof. >> a lot going on this morning. >>> the british phone hacking trial finally getting under way in london. eight people facing charges, including a former huge media executive. why this case could drag on until easter. huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. wout of
, ellis island is set to reopen a year after being submerged by super storm sandy. >> now more from ellis island, big doings there today, stacy. >> reporter: yeah, big day here today. 9:30, the first boat will arrive with visitors. for more than a year, when sandy came through almost one year to the date, it completely flooded ellis island. eight feet of water washed through the main hall here, it destroyed the electrical system. it destroyed the boilers. so things have been pretty out of commission. but finally they are able to open it to the public today. it is not all the way there. there is still a lot of work to be done because workers here, before this storm, had taken all of the artifacts, a lot of photographs and moved it to higher ground. right after the storm, when everything was flooded, they removed it all to storage warehouses. that stuff has not been brought back because right now, ellis island is still running on interim power and heat. so still about six to eight months out from ellis island being totally back to normal. back to you. >> stacy, live. how can does it take to
and upgraded. sandy caused $77 million in damage to ellis island and the statue of liberty. >> so iconic, nice to have them back up and lun -- running. >> that is bizarre. >> very, very strong, powerful cold low pressure system. strong winds gusting up to 75 miles per hour in places. things have calmed down a lot today. here is a lk at live doppler 7 hd. and you can see that we still have a few clouds around and some spotty moisture down in places, parts of the santa cruz mountains and near monterey bay. some light scattered showers now. then, up north, a freeze warning in affect overnight during 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for points north of clover dale up through parts of mendocino county. going to be chilly up there. nice, calm blue skies over the bay here looking southeastward here at abc 7. it's 56 degrees in san francisco. 60 oakland. upper 50s to low 60s in half moon bay. another live view looking westward, temperatures low to mid-60s. one more live cool overnight, cool tomorrow, wednesday, milder thurgs, friday. -- thursday, here is the cold low pressure system producing a stormy weather w
. >>> nearly a year after hurricane sandy tore through new jersey and new york, parts of a key landmark set to reopen today. parts of ellis island will be opened. visitors will be welcomed back to the halls of the immigrant wall of honor, the immigration museum will remain closed through the spring while a new electric am system is installed. remembrances continue to pour in for legendary rock pioneer lou reed dead at the age of 71. he was a founding member of the velvet underground sunday is widely credited with changing the landscape in the '70s. he wrote and recorded dozens and dozens of songs in his tremendous career. we'll talk more about that coming up. what a tremendous career when you think of all the influences. we'll get into it. >> and he was young, a loss on many levels. >> 71. yeah. >> thanks, mikaela. let's go straight over to ingrid petersen for a look at the temperatures. >> temperatures are bounding up to the 60s. above average. the average is typically in the upper 50s right now. this is only going to last one day, though. we have another cold front swinging through the no
sandy's search gushed in the new york harbor. >> of all the buildings of the ellis island immigration museum are due to reopen to the public today, almost one year after the storm. allied is what boyle as an electrical systems and left the 2.7 acre item without power for months. >> but the national park service note that much work still needs to be done. more than 1 million photographs and other artifacts remain in storage while buildings are fixed and upgraded perry it >> a fight over renewing the nation's farm bill has centered on cuts to the 80 billion of your food stamp program. >> but there could be unintended consequences if no agreement is reached--- milk prices. >> members of the house and senate are scheduled to begin long awaited negotiations on the five- year, or roughly $500 billion bill this week. >> if they don't finish it, dairy supports to expire at the end of the year and send the price of milk skyward. >> the farm bill sets policy for farm subsidies, food stamps and other role development projects. >> if you are if your friend is having one of those days and could re
of sandy because it was canceled. wow. that must be a great experience. no doubt. >>> coming up, we can't wait to put on our costumes and start our halloween fun. stay tuned for the surprises. >>> avoiding unexpected surprises. it steers your family away from real life trouble. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. you are watching "world news now">> announcer: world knew now weather brought to you by consumer cellular. >> announcer: weather brought to you by consumer cellular. ." >> announcer: world knew now weather brought to you by consumer cellular. woolite detergents clean your save jeans and won't torture your tanks. so clothes look like new even after 20 washes. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> got to love it. a few viewers and their pets in their hollywood best. thanks for sending in those pictures. >> absolutely wonderful. most kids will be getting dressed up for trick or treating. as always, safety is key. >> there's an app for that that parents need to know about to see which houses you might want to avoid. more now from
marathon set to return this sunday after getting sidelined by super storm sandy last year and additional money has been spent on security. our reporter is live outside central park with what we can expect on sunday. lydia? >> reporter: good morning. we're outside central park. the finish line is just over this wall. we've been out here all morning long. we weren't allowed to go inside. the marathon may be days away, but when i step out, you can see security is already going on right now. you can see road blocks, security personnel, as well as many vehicles. officials are telling us that this will be the largest antiterrorism operation carried out across new york city. it's thank is in response to april's boston marathon bombing. marathon officials are banning more items this year such as backpacks, high duration packs, vests with pockets, baby strollers and if you do show up with some sort of bag, even a purse, expect your bags to be checked. again, baby strollers are also being banned. because of all of these road blocks, officials are asking spectators, as well as runners, to take publ
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)